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Our Products Range

Individual processing machines:

  • Screen graders: (II, III and IV deck with capacities up to 50 tons/hr, with pre and post aspiration options).
  • Pressure De-stoners: (capacities available up to 6 tons/hr).
  • Vacuum De-stoners: (capacities available up to 15 tons/hr).
  • Pressure Gravity Separators: (capacities available up to 2.5 tons/hr)
  • Vacuum Gravity Separators: (capacities available up to 5.0 tons/hr).
  • Precision Air Classifiers: (capacities available up to 10.0 tons/hr)
  • De-germinators- for maize: (capacities available up to 6.0 tons/hr).
  • De-branners-for maize: (capacities available up to 6.0 tons/hr).
  • Impact hullers-for sunflower seeds, mustard seeds, poppy seeds, cardamom e.t.c: (capacities available up to 1.0 ton/hr).
  • Garlic De-podders: Capacities available up to 1.0 ton/hr.
  • Turmeric crusher-for breaking dried turmeric to make coarse powder before fine grinding or for direct use: (capacities available upto 1 ton/hr).

Material conveying/transfer systems:

  • Bucket elevators
  • Flat belt conveyors
  • Cleated belt conveyors/elevators
  • Modular belt conveyors/elevators
  • Screw conveyors/ paddle conveyors
  • ‘Z’ type elevators with swing buckets.

Turnkey plants:

  • Turmeric cleaning and grading plants : up to 1 ton/hr.
  • Multipurpose seed/grain cleaning and grading plant (Wheat, millet, sorghum, pulses, grams etc.): up to 30 tons/hr.
  • Mobile seeds/grain cleaning plant (up to 2 tons/hr).
  • Niger seed cleaning and grading plant: up to 5 tons/hr.
  • Coriander cleaning and grading plant: up to 5 tons/hr.
  • Cleaning, grading and hulling plant for sunflower seeds, coffee, oats, neem, mustard and soyabean: up to 10 tons/hr.
  • Isabogol cleaning and grading plant : Up to 4 tons/hr
  • Cleaning and grading plant for whole seed spices (fenugreek, cumin, fennel etc.): up to 4 tons/hr.
  • Sesame seed cleaning and grading plant: up to 20 tons/hr.
  • Sesame hulling plant (dry/organic process, no caustic lye or chemical required): up to 1 ton/hr.
  • Maize cleaning grading +de-germination plant: up to 6 tons/hr.
  • Garlic cleaning, grading, de-podding and sorting plant: up to 4 tons/hr.
  • Chicory cleaning and grading plant.
  • Senna leaves cleaning and grading plant: Up to 500 kg/hr